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They go out of their way to help their customers. I am very happy with the Bridgeport AAMCO! The work they did on my Nissan was great.

Maggy A.

June, 2018 Local

Overall everything was good about the Bridgeport AAMCO shop. The service was completed well and I am pleased with the people at the shop.

Paul M.

June, 2018 Local

They took excellent care of my vehicle, they even gave me a vehicle to get me to and from work while they were doing the repairs.

Raul V.

June, 2018 Local

I really appreciated the outstanding customer service I received from the shop. Every time there was an update regarding my vehicle they would call me right away. I will be returning for other services in the future.

James H.

2003 jeep Grand Cherokee January, 2018 Local

The service was done well, I am very pleased with the speed of the shop and the service. My Honda is running very well after the service.


January, 2018 Local

The experience I had at the Bridgeport AAMCO shop was wonderful. They fixed my vehicle and I would recommend the shop to others.

Pranav M.

2003 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta December, 2017 Local

I would recommend them to anyone and I already have recommended them. I appreciate the service provided, my vehicle runs well.

Venice M.

2007 bmw 335xi December, 2017 Local

The work that was done was done exceptionally well. Overall my experience was great and I am pleased with the Bridgeport AAMCO.

Leslie S.

2003 VOLKSWAGEN Passat November, 2017 Local

Everything at the Bridgeport AAMCO was great. Everything seems to be working well and I am not having and residual problems.

Robert B.

2006 MERCURY Monterey November, 2017 Local

Everything at the shop was wonderful. They were nice, the customer service was great, and they fixed my truck!

Josue H.

2003 CHEVROLET Express 2500 Van November, 2017 Local

I liked the quick service and the job well done! Everything was wonderful at the shop and I am absolutely satisfied with the Bridgeport AAMCO.

Santos A.

2003 ACURA 3.2 TL November, 2017 Local

The service was done extremely well am very pleased. They kept up good communication with me throughout the experience. They fixed my vehicle and I haven't had any issues.

Mary A.

2003 Nissan Altima November, 2017 Local

The gentleman at the front desk was knowledgeable, helpful, and charged us fairly. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the Bridgeport AAMCO.

Glenn B.

2006 AUDI A4 Quattro November, 2017 Local

The owner was pleasant and helpful. He showed me the car and explained what was wrong with it.

Terri S.

2013 CHEVROLET CRUZE LT October, 2017 Local

My experience at the shop was great, I really liked how Louis treated me. I would recommend the shop to my friends.

John L.

2005 INFINITI G35 Coupe October, 2017 Local

He took a personal interest in me and took good care of me while I was at the shop. He was willing to work with me through things that became and issue from no fault of his own. I am more than satisfied with my experience at the Bridgeport AAMCO.

Louis C.

2012 NISSAN Altima October, 2017 Local

The car is running beautiful! They did what they were suppose to do and did everything on time. I have no problems to report. I will be back if I have to in the future.

Ray H

Cadillac October, 2015 Local

They were really great when I was there. The car is doing very well and overall, I had a good experience.

Richard S

Pontiac April, 2013 Local

My car's transmission failed when I was in  Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I had the car towed to Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I had 200 mile towing from AAA. I had no relationship with the vender other then that they were AAMCO. The car just appeared on their doorstep. I was arranging for my transportation to New York so I was 50 miles South of them. They could have quoted me any number within reason. I was satisfied with the quote. I feel like I get 2-3 more miles to the gallon after the work was done. I recommend my friends to AAMCO.

Jack  Q

2000 Pontiac Bonneville November, 2012 Local

The work done on the car was professionally done. It was on time.  I recommend my friends to AAMCO.

Gary  G

2007 Nissan Pathfinder September, 2012 Local

I liked the fact that they took care of me. I recommend my friends to AAMCO.

Jason  C

2005 Toyota Sienna September, 2012 Local

The service was great. The car runs great. We appreciate the level of service you guys provide for us. I highly recommend my family and family to AAMCO. The transmission was great.

Rich l

Dodge June, 2012 Local

This place is awesome! In fact I already have recommended this place to plenty of my friends. The car is running well and I'm pleased that it is.

Steve B

Chrysler April, 2012 Local

They are very courteous and informative, a lot more than I expected. I was satisfied with the service.

Dayne C

Chevy Impala April, 2012 Local

They are very helpful and do great work. We are satisfied with the service and trust them.

Iris J

Isuzu Rodeo April, 2012 Local

Great job! They were very professional and helpful. I've called a few other shops and they gave me the run around. AAMCO got me through and they did it quick too. I appreciate what they did for me.

Jessica G

Nisssan Altima April, 2012 Local

They are always kind, clearly explained what he was doing, and did it in a timely manner. They're like this every time I go there.

Rafael O

Honda Odyssey March, 2012 Local

They were polite, helpful and give expert service. They did a terrific job on the repair. I  recommend them to my friends.

Tad H

Ford Taurus March, 2012 Local

They were very kind and courteous and they did the job well. I'm very impressed.

Gustabo A

Sienna van March, 2012 Local

They were pretty knowledgeable. They did a great job diagnosing the problem and explaining everything to me giving me a fair price on the repair.

Robert H

Dodge Intrepid March, 2012 Local

They did everything we came to get taken care of. Were very satisfied with the service.

Diane D

Volkswagen Passat March, 2012 Local

Everything was perfect they treated me very well and he did a great job on repairing car.

Lorraine D

Jeep Liberty March, 2012 Local

They're excellent. The manager is great, professional and very friendly. They  always tell you exactly what's going on, keeping me up to date. I won't go anywhere else.

Leann S

Hyundai Accent March, 2012 Local

It was all good I have no complaints. Actually this is the second time we've been there. When the transmission blew on a Honda Odyssey we went right to AAMCO expecting the same service we got the first time we were there. We were totally satisfied.

Carl K

Honda Odyssey March, 2012 Local

They found found the problem and repaired it in a timely manner and it cost a lot less than I expected. I'm very satisfied with them.

Reval M

Lincoln Town Car March, 2012 Local